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Today I enjoyed my first Donut Dive, this is a monthly event sponsored by a local dive shop: Florida Underwater Sports (Sarasota). Today’s theme was Halloween in nature and was an underwater pumpkin carving contest. We met up in the parking lot of Turtle Beach around 9am, a group of approximately 30 divers enjoyed free donuts (hence the name) and awaited the briefing from the DM. We hit the water in self organized dive groups and began carving pumpkins just offshore from the beach. Visibility was not the best around 2-4 feet with suspended particles, however just fine enough for us to work at the task at hand. IT WAS A BLAST! After the dive (no set down time) we met back at the same meeting area for voting. A winner was selected, unfortunately not me…. and 2 dive charter packages were handed out.

I highly recommend the “Donut Dive,” great way to mingle, network, and of course dive. If your partner-less it is a great way to meet people, enjoy getting wet, and a new locale. I will have to re-dive Turtle Beach again and post a review on the spot, it lacked any structure from what I could tell and apparently has an abundant array of marine life. I was focused on an orange pumpkin so I cannot really comment on that. The dive was well organized and had a check in/out board for accountability and tracking. I have included a video of the dive and the link for the dive shop so you can find a list of events they are sponsoring.