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Friends from Maryland came down for a weekend prior to them boarding a cruise ship and going to the Caribbean. They asked me to take them out on the boat and I obliged with a trip to Stump Pass. We arrived around 4pm and enjoyed beaching the boat in Ski alley, drinking a few beers, watching wake boarders/water skiers.  We decided to go to the Stump Pass Tiki Bar and enjoy their food specials, which is never a disappoint, great views/food/prices and service. We then went back to our slice of heaven to attempt to witness the Green Flash (sunset phenomenon) which we unfortunately did not get to witness this time. We began our journey home and the skies were a beautiful pink/purple hue as the city scape lights began to become dominant. Prior to us passing under Englewood bridge we saw what appeared to be an airplane trail almost perfectly vertical pink as well, when we realized it was a rocket being launched by NASA in Cape Canaveral. What an unexpected surprise. All in all yet another perfect and beautiful day on the water.

Picture does the night sky no justice…..