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I came home and noticed posts from local captains stating that the viz was top to bottom in the Venice area, and just so happened to have a friend call me and my daughter was with her mom for the day (all the planets aligned) almost begging me to dive. We loaded up the boat and launched from the Venice boat ramps, heading out on one the flattest days I have ever seen. We arrived around the coordinates I have been given for a shrimp boat wreck (  27° 4’19.93″N ,  82°36’12.61″W ) I found these coordinates to be off by about 100′ to SW, get to that area and look at your depth finder for changes. We dove this site and found buried masts, and nets from what appears to be an old shrimp boat. Marine life was scarce and appeared to be relatively newer +/- 4 years? (est.), this was found at a depth of approx 50′, and viz was 30+ feet above the thermocline which just so happened to be around the bottom at 40+ ‘ causing our bottom viz to be 6-8’ viz.

We then had a surface interval as we rode out to Venice ledge, which I have listed the coordinates too before. Today we saw small snook held up on the ledge, and plenty of aquarium/reef fish, but no shooters. This is located straight out of Venice beach at about 28′. Beautiful ledge/coral life. Always a pleasurable dive at really shallow depths, viz 6-8′

A friend of mine wanted to take a look at the last spot of the day that a boat was on coming in, so we dropped in on Venice Reef, which he tells me is concrete rubble and several culverts. Again fish populations appeared to have moved out, and we were unable to locate any shooters here. Again a beautiful dive to round out the day, and another site to add to my list.