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Ramble Post:

Yesterday I had the privilege of diving Alhambra via beach. My boat has been broken this entire week and I actually had to get Tow Boat U.S. to come get me out of Lemon Bay a few days prior. I almost thumbed the dive, due to what I felt was too windy of conditions (winds from the SE 8knots) with what appeared to be strong top surge. However when I walked to the beach I saw crystal clear top to bottom viz. OHHH YEAH!!!! I went out to about 20 feet of water straight east of Alhambra and attempted to locate the bone yard  ( a well known fossil bed ) I loved the dive, it was approx 8 feet of viz and very easy to find teeth, fish, structure. I had a fantastic time. My SAC rate has seemed to drop and I blame it on Insanity the work out program and my latest training with the Fire Department, I ended up spending about 1 hour at 20′ with 2/3 of my tank leftover… HOW AMAZING 🙂