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Today’s dive was a 2 tank dive at M16, after planning this dive for several days and meeting up with a couple friends we hit this spot around 11am today. I was a tad nervous getting out to this spot in our 19′ Seapro CC, but it did great with the 1′ waves. We arrived exactly at the coordinates listed and found concrete culverts, basins, and what appeared to be some sort of I-beam from a bridge. Tons of small fish, several Jew fish in the 30+ Lb range, and Barracuda. We also found 3 fishing rods, and a boat anchor. The site was not too crowded  we were able to find our own chunk to call our own and really enjoyed the diving here.

M16 is located 8.5 Miles West out of Venice Pass (27° 03.827’N  82° 35.625’W) at a depth of 50′

Youtube video of us diving M16 : HERE