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Well today is far from a good dive day, I was tempted to take the boat out and search the area for “numbers or dive locations.” but the wind was really to strong to make it enjoyable. I find it very difficult to find a website that shares any of this information, so I plan on updating this blog with numbers that I research/find. On my non-dive able days I find myself researching and today was no different I went to West Marine and purchased a Dive/Fishing Chart of the area that has about 100 sets of coordinates up and down the coast from Sarasota/Port Charlotte, and one of my goals is to dive almost all of them and hopefully find some fish to shoot. I have learned to look for ledges, reefs, or other structure that the fish like to use as a home, this can be done on bad viz days by driving your boat in a methodical search pattern looking for changes on your depth finder, or by sheer luck. Subscribe to my blog for updates of locations…..