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I was approached by a friend of mine from the Fire Department, if I wanted to go on a two day weekend trip. When I found out we would be attending the Blue Wild expo in Ft. Lauderdale, spending the night and bug diving the next morning there was no reservations I took the days off, and made arrangements for my daughter to be watched by my father and ex.

The drive over to Ft. Lauderdale was awesome, sharing stories of diving, and talking abou the industry. Local dive shop drama, and tales. Stopping to get beer for our drive and arriving at the expo around noon. We walked into a conference room filled top to bottom with amazing dive gear, and raffle prizes that we could enter with purchased tickets. Walking around were celeberties in the dive community; Sheri Daye, Manny Puig, Daryl Wong and many others I posed for pictures with many of them, listened to a thrilling conversation with Manny about his trident spear he uses underwater and for hunting wild boar on land (what a bad ass man). I took pictures with the Deep dive girls, and enjoyed looking, touching and feeling all types of dive gear. I even made a purchase for a handle for my Gopro which was a fantastic deal. Towards the end of the night we all united and I even won a “Ballenita Racks” speargun rack… not bad for 20$ worth of raffle tickets.

We then drove to a friend of a friends house and spent the night, playing Call of Duty for awhile and enjoying a fantastic steak dinner. The anticipation for the dives of the next day were looming.

Waking up on dive day was a thrill like a kid on Christmas, we met up with John owner of Koah Spearguns and Owner of Hypnautical Charters. Leaving the home port and exiting Jupiter pass I noticed water had top to bottom viz…… (OHHH YEAH) We filmed and did a total of 3 dives that day. 100′ 40mins, 80′ 40 mins, and 75′ 40 mins….. water temp was around 73* at the bottom, vis was around 40′ phenomenal for Florida. The entire boat (3 other divers) caught about 6 bugs, and I did not get any 🙁 First time out, I landed on a honey hole of about 5 monsters but could not loop them or grab them out of the hole. (I guess I will practice and have to return) Overall the dives were relaxing, exciting, and the dive operation was top notch. There was not a lot of hand holding as John understood our level of experience and basically just let us do our own thing. The boat was full of friends and everyone knew eachother which was also something new to me and amazing on a charter.

I plan on attending next years expo, and when I get the dive charter off the ground may even attempt at having my own booth at the expo.

Dive on…..