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One of the most popular questions asked all the time by people new or visiting the area is….. “Where can I go in Venice Florida by shore to find sharks teeth?” The answer is : The Bone Yard….

Okay the next question you may have is …the bone what?

I plan on doing more research and posting on the origin and history of the Bone Yard, but essentially there is a prehistoric riverbed that runs parallel to the beach in Venice Florida. If you surface swim to approximately parallel with the end of Sharky’s fishing pier and drop down in 20-30’ft of water you will find bottom that is rich in shells, and coral encrusted treasures. Yes that does include sharks teeth, more specifically ┬áthe super sought after megalodon teeth.

Do not feel like doing all the work?
Come with me on a charter, and I will get you to several awesome locations for teeth.

Until next time, keep on diving….