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Listed below are a few prices for our most popular offerings. We offer custom trips as well, and prices vary depending on particulars for each dive/non-diving trip.

What to expect for your exciting day on the water.

After you contact Xplore FL and book a trip, you will be contacted by the captain to set a date and time that works with you, us, and the weather. Most trips are done privately, and the experience is similar to being out on a boat with a friend. The private atmosphere allows the trip to be conducted with you and your guests as the center of the experience and attention.

All divers have to provide proof of certification, all passengers and divers will have to sign a hold-harmless agreement, a safety briefing will be conducted prior to departure explaining all of the boats safety features. A cooler with water will be provided. Passengers under the age of 6 will be required to wear a PFD at all times.

Brendan is a USCG licensed OUPV Captain, the boat has all of the safety equipment recommended/required by USCG including but not limited to: Oxygen, First-Aid, GPS tracking and emergency beacon, dive flags, save-a-dive kit. Brendan is not a dive professional by any certifying agency: he holds a certification in Open Water, Advanced Open Water, Nitrox, Public Safety, and Rescue diving therefore cannot instruct or lead any dives.

Bone Yard (2 tanks)

Private Boat-Fossil Dive- Upto 4 divers
USD350/Private Trip
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Sunset Cruise (2hrs)

Enjoy the show (1-6 people included in price)
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Sand Bar Hangout (4hrs)

Swim, Sunbathe, Picnic on local sandbars (1-6 people included in price)
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